TGPTalks: Face Masks vs Face Scrubs. The ultimate skincare face off?!

So we’re back at it again with another TGPTalks on this fine Self-love Sunday, inside. 

Firstly, we want to make these TGPTalks a weekly thing and available on, yay or nay? If you’re interested in these, feel free to @ or DM us any suggestions or things you’d like us to write about.
But back to today’s topic, face masks vs face scrubs. You’re asking why pit two essential bad bitches together? We’re just here to clear up why they both belong in your routine.

So what are face masks for? I mean they must be when you’re going through first world problems like Troy singing with Gabriella and you need a mud break with cucumber on your eyes… no?
Face masks are generally used to detoxify skin and therefore improve the appearance of pores, draw out impurities and excess oils, give an even skin tone and hydrate skin. Clay masks such as our Black Clay Brightening Mask also have antibacterial properties which can be effective for sufferers of skin conditions such as eczema and acne; and leaves skin not only visibly smoother, but brighter.

Now for face scrubs. 

Facial scrubs are advised to be used much less than face masks weekly because they’re exfoliators. They work to remove dead, dry skin cells giving users that same rejuvenated brighter skin look, such as our new Fruit Fusion facial scrub which also provides the skin with a vitamin C boost, shop here:

However, due to their more active nature than face masks, scrubs remove the natural oils (sebum) that your skin produces, which is why you should be using them once a week and moisturising after.  Face scrubs can be used as face masks but they’re more of a get the job done type of girl, it won’t really work *more* having them on for a long period of time like face masks. 
Ideally, you should use them after applying your masks in your routine! The masks draw out all these impurities but your face still is *not really* clean yet, so your scrub can get in with that good loving and a deeper cleanse 

So there you have it, face masks vs. face scrubs, their key differences and why they’re both necessary. 
Until the next TGPTalks! 
Written by Dalida M. 

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