How to love the skin you’re in 🥰

People often say that if you don’t love yourself before you try and make a change, the change will be pointless. Thinking about it in a skincare and wellness sense, it couldn't be more true even if we tried. The beauty, skincare and wellness industry often has this bad rep of manufacturing insecurities and then selling you something to fix it; and while there are some truths in this, here at The Glow Pot, we are all about loving yourself and only using products that will make you feel even better - not be the cause of your happiness. 

With any change you want to make in your life, whether it’s fading dark marks, losing weight or being more positive; it all has to start from a place of love. There are countless stories of people who lost a bunch of weight, sometimes rather quickly, because they hated what they saw in the mirror. They couldn’t stomach their own reflection and so dedicated their life into ‘fixing’ that. So while the physical might have been fixed, what about the emotional? Or the mental? Making a change from a place of hate doesn’t positively affect your mental or emotional well-being.

Hate should never be the foundation or cause for any minor or major changes in your life. If for example you are someone that struggles with acne scarring and you’re on a journey to fade or clear them, it’s important to always remember that scar or no scar, you are beautiful. We understand that having ‘imperfections’ isn’t ideal, but you aren’t your imperfections and they do not define you. 

It is a process and a journey to love yourself, it will also look very different for different people so we won’t pretend we have all the answers. However, the first step is acknowledging that you exist beyond your imperfections and they don’t make you any less worthy. Wanting to make a change to your skin, body or life isn’t bad, but just make sure you can smile while you do it. 


Article written by Nabilla Doma 
Twitter+Instagram: @bilzyb 

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