Self Care + Self Reflection

When times get tough, it’s easy to forget or lose the time to take care of yourself. Getting caught up in the complexities of life is perfectly normal and a lot of times this can result in burnout, exhaustion, periods of isolation and even serious mental health issues. We believe it’s important to always take care of yourself and to give yourself time to reflect. Self care and self reflection doesn’t need to be a massive ordeal full of expensive gifts and luxury spa trips, but rather small moments that are centred around you, your needs and pockets of peace to allow your brain to regroup. 

We’ve put together some tips on things you can do to practise self care and self reflection, that don’t break the bank or have you stressed further than you already are


1. Dedicate time for your skincare routine

Lightskinned black woman wearing face mask

We know there’s a lot of talk about how long you should spend washing your face and whether the 60 second rule actually makes a difference, however there is something to be said about allocating certain amounts of time in your day or week to leisurely doing your skincare routine. There’s nothing better than putting on your finest robe, lighting a candle, playing some music or listening to your favourite podcast and taking care of your skin. If you’re someone that has a regular schedule on most days, allocate this slot of time in your evenings before you wine down or even after you’ve had dinner; if you’re that way inclined you can even pop a note in your calendars! As well as doing the obvious and cleansing your face, this set uninterrupted time gives your brain time off before you tackle the rest of your evening. 


2. Invest in scents 

The Glow Pot Blackberry and Ylang Ylang Candle

As we grow older, we start to spend our money on different things. Back in the day our major concerns were most likely only clothes, shoes and the latest tech, but now, there’s been a shift in our spending habits and the products we value. A lot more adults have become candle and diffuser obsessed and we totally understand why. Entering a room that smells good in the biggest flex, and that’s why we encourage you to invest more into the scents of your personal space. Again, this doesn’t need to be an expensive activity as there are loads of good quality candles, essential oil and reed diffusers available for very affordable prices. Winding down in a clean lovely smelling environment adds to the relaxing element of your self care moment; it is said that certain scents help you sleep and destress from the day better. It’s quite a lot of fun figuring out which scents you like and which you don’t like so take joy in the trial and error period.


3. Writing things down

Female artist draws in leather journal.

Journaling and keeping a diary is something that gets spoken about often because it is so beneficial. We won’t bore you with the same lecture, but we do want to say that journaling looks different to everyone. For some, it’s super structured and old school so involved a small but thick notebook, a well inked pen and carefully dated and time stamped entries. For others, it is more carefree, has no set structure and done only when needed. Journaling doesn’t need to make any sense to anyone but you, it isn’t done with the intention of anyone else reading it so remember that. If you’re someone who values the traditions of putting pen to paper then do that and love those moments; if you’re not, then a really cool way is to use the notes app on your phone or like Beyonce, record short video diary entries on your personal laptop/computer. Whichever way you feel comfortable, writing things down is a great way to self reflect and practise letting things go. With the year all of us have had, I’m sure we’ve got a lot to write about. 

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