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Founder of the Glow Pot, Ofome says that being a sheboss means, "a woman working towards an ambition you have, whether it's running a business or building a professional career."
 The Glow Pot is a natural skincare line for men & women founded by Ofome. After months of research and product development, The Glow Pot was launched. I wanted to found out how Ofeme has grown her business in the last six months.

What made you choose the name Glow Pot?
"I came up with an idea of a skincare brand. When I did a course with the Prince's trust a few years back, they told me that I should think of the name last. So I did exactly that, the name was born out of a 5-minute conversation with my friends! It's catchy, it's fun & it suits the brand. My products are designed to make people skin look radiant and glow plus they come in little pot so there's no better name!"
There aren't many natural skin care brands out there. What specifically made you want to go into skin care? Share the story! 
"Growing up I had really bad eczema, I got bullied in school and it really impacted my self-esteem. I could wear certain things as I didn't feel comfortable in my skin. As I grew up I  kinda grew out of it and starting to research new natural remedies, instead of prescriptions because I would read the side effects and honestly be scared! I've always been a very minimal person, never really been into makeup or the beauty side of things so my skin looking great has always been important to me. Skin is very important & you need to feel comfortable in it. It can really have an impact on your confidence because it makes up such a large part of you & people notice it straight away without even realizing." 
How did your following react to your business?
"Everyone was extremely positive and supportive. I had always given skincare advice online and would often create threads with tips & reviews for my followers. I've always been that 'skin care person' so when I launched the brand it was fitting. It made sense because I was passionate about it!"
What does being a SHEBOSS mean to you?
"a woman working towards an ambition you have, whether it's running a business or building a professional career. It means I'm able to manage my business in a way that suits me and I'm able to make decisions. I'm a very 'me' kinda person, I like to do things my way and have control. So being a sheboss means I don't have to impress anyone and having the freedom to do what I want."
How did followers to fall in love with The Glow Pot?
 Initially, I think because I had connected with a lot of people online many thought that all the positive feedback was from my friends alone. When people saw that my customers were getting active results from my products more and more people wanted to try it, so guess they did fall in love with the brand because the products really work. 
What are your 3 top tips for growing an audience of loyal followers?
  • Engage with your followers! I reply to every message, tweet, and comment, I want people to know that I care. Remember to be friendly but not over familiar. 
  •  Pictures. People love visuals so share your work! A million people can tell you something but when you see it yourself, it's like woah this is true.
  •  Use your social media platforms to market yourself in the best way possible. Make yourself visible to new people and do it in a way that suits your brand.  

Do you have any advice for our she bosses?
If you are passionate about something, people can tell. So whatever you are selling, providing, pushing you to need to be passionate about it.

 It is so hard all the time but don't be overwhelmed. When I first started I would sit down in my room and just think this has been so hard every day but when you get the payoff from it it's amazing & it's so overwhelming to be able to look at something and see what you've made from the ground up. Look at where it's going, all the people that are interested in it. 

Finally, don't give up! If you need help, there are so many people out there willing to help you. 
Thank you so much to Ofome, it was a pleasure to interview a rocking #SHEBOSS. You can keep up with the Glow Pot on Twitter & Instagram
This is the first of many She Boss interviews if you have anyone you would like to see featured, please get in touch! 

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