TGP Skincare Secrets - Some do's and don'ts for your skincare routine.

 For many of us it seems like at every turn and corner there is some new article or blog post telling you what to do to your skin. First its "wash your face more often if you have oily skin" and then its "don't wash your face too much or it will get even oilier", with all the glycolic this and hyaluronic that, it can be difficult to know exactly what's best for your skin. 

Well, we are here to shed some light on a few basic skincare do's and don'ts that may make your skincare routine a little less confusing and daunting. 

1. DO - Find out what your skin type and skin condition(s) (if you have any) are. Knowing what kind of skin you have is the most important thing about skincare, this will make it easier for you to identify products and ingredients that will work best on your skin. 

There are 4 different skin types:

  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Normal
  • Combination

There are also different types of skin conditions such as:

  • Dehydrated
  • Acne prone
  • Sun damaged/hyperpigmentation
  • Sensitive
  • Ageing 

The difference between the two is that you are born with your skin type, whereas certain skin conditions can develop throughout your life. To find out what your skin type is, check out number 10 on the FAQs page of our website via this link

2. DON'T - Go crazy with the exfoliation. I've said it over and over again and I'll continue to say it until I'm blue in the face, STOP EXFOLIATING EVERY DAY! In fact, it is actually not necessary to exfoliate more than once a week for most people. 

Your skin is constantly shedding itself, the outer layer of your skin completely regenerates about every 27 days, it doesn't need much help to do so which means that constantly exfoliating only does more harm than good. The negative effects of over-exfoliation include: damaged pores, irritated skin, inflammation, redness, oiliness and break outs. Instead of exfoliating harder or more often, try exfoliating for longer - this gives your skin a deeper cleanse and leaves it feeling super soft.

3. DO - Adjust your routine according to the season/climate you're in. Winter skin  and summer skin have very different needs. In the winter your skin tends to be more dry and flaky due to the colder temperatures, which means you'd require more oils and heavier moisturisers for your skin. In the summer you'd be looking at lighter oils and moisturisers. You may find that in the winter your skincare routine has a few more steps that your summer routine, this is normal as during the winter you need to ensure your skin is properly hydrated and moisturised. 

4. DON'T - Shy away from oils just because you have oily skin. Oily skin can be caused by dehydration, a lot of people don't realise this so when their skin gets oilier they try to dry it out - this is counter productive. Light oils like our Marula Face Oil  and Tamanu Oil which mimic the skin's natural sebum can prove very helpful in re-hydrating the skin. 

5. DO - Use different products depending on your skin type. For those with oilier skin it is better to use lotions rather than oil based products to cleanse your skin. For dry skin, oil and cream cleansers can help to provide the extra hydration your skin needs. And for normal or combination skin, it might be better for you to use a cleansing gel or balm. 

6. DON'T - Pop your spots!! Its just terrible for your skin. Despite how tempting it may be, in no way is it beneficial for you to pop a spot. Popping spots can cause damage to your pores and irritate the area around it. In darker skin types, you may notice dark marks appearing after you've popped spots. This is because the melanocytes (what produces melanin in the skin) in your skin produce excess melanin as a response to injury or inflammation. 

7. DO - Double cleanse. Especially on days when you are wearing makeup and/or excessively sweating. Removing your makeup with a makeup wipe is soooo 2000 and late, try using some oil on a cotton pad to remove the makeup and dirt from your skin, then use a cleanser or your face wash to give your skin a deeper clean - ta da! It works a treat. 

8. DON'T - Touch your skin too much. All day every day, your hands are touching things that other people and things have touched. The millions and millions of bacteria that exist on your hands don't need to find their way onto your skin, the fact that your hands also produce their own sweat and oil doesn't help either. Try to make a conscious effort to avoid touching your face unless absolutely necessary. 

9. - DO - Change your bed sheets regularly. It's all well and good to have a great skincare routine and healthy diet, but if your surrounding are dirty, well, good luck Charlie. No but seriously, there is so much on your bed sheets, - the dead skin cells, bacteria, sweat, oil, and even saliva that gets transferred when your face is rubbed against your pillow all day can be a breeding ground for nasty skin bacteria. 

10. DON'T - Be disheartened if you don't see results from a product immediately. It can take up to 12 weeks for you to see results when using a product. And there are a number of reasons why your skin may not be showing any progress initially, everyone's skin is different and a lot of the time we don't notice changes in ourselves until someone else points them out, or until we compare pictures. We would recommend giving new products at least 6 weeks (unless you have adverse reactions or irritation of any kind, then stop using the products IMMEDIATELY and consult your GP!), before calling it quits. We also encourage you to experiment with your skin care routine, try using products in a different order, or using one new product every 2 weeks so your skin can adjust to each product individually. 

Overall, what we really want is for you to do what is best for your skin. Do your research, check reviews online, find out about specific ingredients and what they do. It may be a long process but once you perfect it, you'll be happy, confident and living your best skin.

We hope that these do's and don'ts have provided you with enough basic information to go forth and prosper on your skincare journey. If you need anymore advice or have any questions, you can find us at:

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