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Let’s talk spots, toners and astringents! #TGPTalks

Drying out your spots is tricky business, because most people forget to go back to actively rehydrate the skin surrounding the spot that they’ve targeted to be dried out. There are products designed to dry out spots, such as salicylic acid is a typical ingredient found in astringents!


Firstly astringents and toners are similar in a number of ways. They’re both water based cleansers, that remove skin residue and are to be applied before moisturising. 

So where do they differ? Astringents are more ‘aggressive’ than toners, recommended for oily and particularly acne-prone skin! 


They are acidic so can sometimes leave the skin quite dry and irritated after stripping and cleansing. 

Toners are usually marketed for dry and sensitive skin, they’re not too harsh and usually have a cooling and tightening effect on the skin.

These differences can help you tell which is right for you! 

*The Glow Pot PSA: we’re more of a hydrate, hydrate, hydrate type of gal rather than drying out your skin though it can be done but ONLY when astringents are used in absolute moderation, or skin is excessively oily*

In our humble opinion? Stick to toner. Toners are much more universal and can be used for all, but if your skin calls for it, astringents can go hard too but you must monitor usage. 

And that's us! 

Written by Dalida M. 

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