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Since I started using @theglowpot my pores are 89% gone. My whole face is almost the same colour and scars are GONE even the dark bags under my eyes are started to go which has given me a confidence boost in regards to my skin.


They’re the gentlest products I’ve ever used, but also the most effective. My experience has changed the way I view and understand skincare for the best.

Candace S,

I'd just like to say a massive thank you for producing your products to such high standards. The past few months using the products I've seen so much progress, more than I've ever expected. I break out a lot less now and if I do, I know your products are going to fix it. 


I suffered a really bad reaction to my face which was causing my skin to break out into a rash and eventually my skin began to flake and peel. I was advised to use the Honey face wash along with external products to hydrate and encourage the regeneration of new skin. After 24 hours, my skin was already recovering. The honey face wash was a really gentle and hydrating cleanser for my reaction. I'm so grateful to the Glow Pot for the advice I received and my results.


They always deliver on time, if not earlier than expected. Customer service is excellent, very interactive and someone is always available to help. Like with everything you find what's best for you in terms of skin care. They have something for everyone and in general their products last a while. For me my faves are the masks, eye cream, lip scrubs and lip balm. Great stuff for sensitive dry skin.

Rolande K

Great customer service, quick delivery and products that work great on my very sensitive skin , they don’t break me out and they have helped my acne/hyperpigmentation. Plus it’s black owned which is excellent!


I've been using the cucumber cleanse for about a month now and I love it! It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and moisturised. I can actually go without using any extra moisturiser after I wash my face with it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone seeking a high quality cleanser to add to their skin care routine. Huge thumbs up!


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